Top 6 Cultural events not to miss in Kenya

A lovely list on events that one can attend and experience Kenya.

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Lake Turkana Festival 2014

This post is courtesy of Travelstart Kenya Blog

With over 70 different tribes in Kenya, the rich diversity of cultures makes every community unique in its own way. Kenya has long been a migratory land passed through by wave upon wave of people from all over Africa and later on from the Middle East as well. There are various cultural events that give one a chance to experience Kenyan culture.

We present to you the top cultural events you wouldn’t want to miss in Kenya;

1. Lamu Cultural Festival

Every year Lamu comes to life during the Lamu Cultural Festival, as Kenyans come together to celebrate both the past, future, the beliefs and traditions that are the heart and soul of this community in the lovely enchanting island of Lamu. An ancient Swahili township, Lamu is a World Heritage site and the cultural festival offers an insight of how life…

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