A visit to the Bomas of Kenya

The Bomas of Kenya is a government of Kenya owned facility that is the custodian of Kenya heritage and culture.  The centre is famous for its Bomas (homesteads) that have been built within the grounds to highlight the various Kenyan tribes and how they lived in the olden days.  Bomas of Kenya too has about 47 different dances from across Kenya tribes.  Bomas Luo Village

The facility was established in the early 70’s and has been a tourist attraction to a majority of people visiting Kenya for the first time, a learning facility for schools across Kenya as well as local visitors  (local tourist).

How to get to the Bomas of Kenya

For those within the city centre –central business district, one may hire a taxi, board a matatu from the city centre destined for Ongata Rongai Route no.: 125/126 from the railway bus park located outside the Nairobi railway station or a matatu route no. 24 also boarded from the railways bus park destined for Karen.  Alternatively take a bus branded city hopper route no. 24 from the city centre Ambassador Hotel bus stop that uses Langata road and alight at the Bomas of Kenya bus stop along Langata Road.

Activities at the Bomas of Kenya

Apart from enjoying the traditional dances and the culture at bomas, the Bomas of Kenya has several restaurants that offer all kinds of Kenyan meals. 

There is also an amusement park ideal for children.  For outdoor lovers, then visiting Bomas is ideal as there is an open field ideal for sporting team building activities like the tug of war, football, volleyball events like tug of war, and a superb venue for that afternoon picnics.

Our Verdict:-

Recommended for the Nairobi backpacker and other traveler who’s looking for an afternoon of laid back fun.

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